Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Emoticons (or "Take that, Writer's Block")

I've decided that, whenever I hit a giant, unrelenting, brick wall of writer's block, I will simply express my current mood or dating situation in photos.  Don't you love Google image search?  What did we do before it existed?  Does anyone remember what life was like before we could find a screenshot of any television show that had ever existed?  Have you ever Google image searched yourself? Go try it...  Anyway.  I submit the following for your viewing/commenting pleasure.  Feel free to suggest alternate photos to assist, convince, dissuade, persuade and other action words.  Hopefully either my writer's block will have released it's death-grip hold on my brain within the next 24 hours (or I'm sure you'll all go scurrying off to Hyperbole and a Half, one of my new favorite blogs) or something wonderfully exciting will happen to spark a vein of creativity that no mental speed bump could suppress!  Here's hoping!

No, I haven't run out of my office stash of Cheez-its.  Although I love that the internet brought me into the blogosphere, I think our ability to be constantly connected to every second of other peoples' lives has turned us into occasional mini-stalkers, who, in turn, create scenarios and suspicions that are unnecessary and unfounded.   When I say "our" and "us," I really mean "my" and "me."  Trying to sound a bit more general, and I'm sure I'm not fooling anybody.

Sometimes I feel like the girl who was invited to the party, got there and nobody else had shown up.  I get all excited about something, talk it up to everybody, work myself into an emotional tizzy, then find out that it really wasn't that special to begin with.

But, the eternal optimistic, I realize that I gain nothing by giving up. 

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