Tuesday, January 17, 2012

For a Good Time, Text...

So, since I last updated you, there has been no shortage of men in my life.  And by "in my life," I mean in middle earth.  I've somehow managed to paint myself into the increasingly smaller corner of Text Land with at least six different men in the last month.  My hands are tired.  My poor phone is filthy, and I'm pretty sure the battery is going to just stop recharging out of spite.

Apparently, word got out on Plenty of Fish that I am fabulous.  Okay, that might be a stretch.  Something, somewhere happened and between Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas, my profile exploded like an over-baked plum pudding.   In that three-day time period, I received rapid fire communication from an abnormally amount of normal men.  None of which said anything inappropriate (off the bat... we'll get to that) or made any other references that would trigger one's creep-o-meter.  I was flattered... highly.  So, I started communicating with them and did a pretty good job of balancing the texting and emailing cha-cha that happens so often in online dating.  At least for me.

In a future post, I'll talk to you about the flat out proposition that I received, the text messages that really got my blood pumping and the 19-year-old that not only makes me feel very old, but slightly cracks me up with his "game."  Tonight, I'd like to introduce you to Mr. Teddy Bear.  Mostly because his lifespan in the romance novel of my life is over and the rest of them still kind of exist.  In middle earth, of course.

I received an email from Mr. Teddy Bear on Saturday.  As in four days ago.  Keep that in mind.  I was out of town for the weekend and killing some time in between family festivities and decided to respond.  I was also inspired by what seemed like a very normal, but very sweet email full of compliments on my profile pictures.  It's been a while since I received a compliment from a man other than my father, so being the polite Southern belle that I sometimes pride myself in being, I accepted his compliment and graciously thanked him.  He replied with another seemingly harmless exchange and asked for my phone number because he wasn't going to be online for a while and wanted to continue communicating.  Just like a victim, I gave it to him.

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