About Me

Commonly referred to as "the friend," "the bud," "she's like my sister," or "one of the guys," I am striving to find unique ways to not only chronicle the last year of my twenties (and now the first years of my thirties!) as a citizen of Singledom, but also to wrap my brain around why we think the way we do about being single, marriage, relationships, friendships, dating and all the fun that comes along with them!

I'll fill you in on all the ups and downs of online dating, the challenges of meeting people in the real world, the unbelievable differences between what some folks think is the right way to go about this emotional rollercoaster and the seemingly endless stream of inappropriateness!

But, I can't do it without you!  Help me navigate through the land of Singledom...married or single, give me pointers, things to try, tell me when I'm being blatantly naive, when my standards are too high/too low or when I'm just downright doing it wrong!

Hopefully, together we can find my Mr. Right.  Or at least Mr. Right Now...oh hell, Mr. He'll Do For Right Now is fine by me!

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