Thursday, July 1, 2010

Burnt Out Bachelorette

As I typed the words of yesterday's post, I realized that I had hit an online dating plateau.  I'd read before that when you're new to a particular site, it's like you're the new girl/guy in school.  Everybody who has been around for a while notices you and wants to be friends with you before anybody else.  But, by the time you've been in class for a few months, you just become one of those faces that keeps popping up in the hallways.  Having been The New Girl in school at one point, I know how this feels.  I think I'd fallen into that "ain't so new anymore" phase on

So, determined to revamp my social status, I went on a rampage.  Optimizing the Match search engine, critiquing profiles and scrutinizing photos, I was bound to engage at least one new face in conversation.  Sidenote:  in reference to my previous post of Online Dating Suggestions for Men, stating in your headline that is meant to be your attention-getting opener we learned about in English 101, that you have a "low douche factor" is probably not going to win you many points.  Just saying.

I was a winking and an emailing fool.  I decided to maintain my standards of discrimation and follow my own self-imposed rules.   And, Singletons, I found some pretty viable contentors.  One, that I will heretofore refer to as Mr. Italian, opened our communication in the most perfect, form possible.  It was short, mentioned some elements of my profile and, for the first time, had an appropriate level of flirtation.  Nice.  I'm moving on up!  And, of course, being Italian, he's quite the looker.  You know what they say about one myself, I can attest.  But, I digress. 

And...Mr. Too Many Words responded to my attempt to reconnect with him, so obviously no hint of desperation was detected.  He told me that he would love to try to start over and that he was happy to see my email.  Short and sweet.  But, I'm not going to complain this time.  I asked him if he'd like to avoid any further miscommunication via email and just meet in person, but surprisingly he delayed that and said that he's comfortable with email right now.  Slow.  That's good.  That wasn't the original connotation he gave off, so these are all good things.

Mr. Baggage, on the other hand, is making me ponder.  After three days of total silence, I started receiving the rapid fire text messages again yesterday afternoon, all of which involved the Braves.  As much as I love talking about the Braves, analyzing and strategizing, and reminiscing over past wins and glory days, we can't seem to converse about anything else.  I try to steer the conversation towards another topic of mutual interest, but it always comes back to the old tomahawk pride.  It's very difficult to respond to a "Go Braves" text message.  What do you say, "Yeah, Go Braves?"  Not really what you'd call advanced communication.

So, now you're up to speed!  No dates coordinated yet, so this will be my first full calendar week in a month that I have not had to endure the preparation, coordination and makeup & hair maintenance of an after work meet up.  I'm sure this little break will do me wonders and hopefully recharge my battery to move me from dreading any future meetings more towards the excitement and thrill that should be associated with dating.  Whew.  Because I'm tired.

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