Thursday, July 15, 2010

First Guest Post - "Self Sufficient & Stubborn"

Thanks for the great response to my first request for guest posts on "Lost in Singledom!" I'm still overwhelmed that so many of you read these rants and raves of mine, let alone comment and now compose your own versions to help me realize that I'm not alone! Since every submission for a guest post I got was wonderful in it's own way (you are all great writers, I have such competition!), I've decided to periodically use each one. Sheerly based on who got to my inbox when, below is the first. Keep 'em coming, Singletons! Know other great writers who might be inspired to share? You can forward any post or the entire blog on the toolbar below via email, Facebook or Twitter. Social Singletons are Happy Singletons!

"Self Sufficient & Stubborn"
by Fully Loaded
Dalton, Georgia

"I don’t need you, let’s get that straight right now…so you are going to have to do something that makes me want to keep you around or else we don’t stand a chance. You see I’ve lived 30 years without you, I’m fully prepared to carry on in this fashion!”

Needless to say, he didn’t call back! Note to self: don’t come off so strong right out the gate. This seems to be the problem I’m up against. I’m a strong minded, stubborn, and confident female who takes pride in being totally self-sufficient. If I want to hike, I pack my heat and head into the woods. If I want to kayak, I haul my boat to the river myself. I have yet to find a man who can let me be me in this regard. I don’t need to be coddled. I don’t need you to pump my gas in the dead of winter, and I certainly don’t need you to open a door for me. I will soon have a master’s degree. I believe I can do these things quite well! Just today, while pumping gas at a gas station, a guy walks up to my car and asks if he can pump my gas. He proceeds to tell me that where he comes from when a guy sees a pretty girl pumping gas he offers to pump it for her. I proceeded to tell him that where I come from pretty girls may or may not be carrying a pistol and that I thought I could manage. These things come out like second nature. Sometimes I feel like I go through life with this fighting mentality towards guys, though there is a soft spot in my heart somewhere. How might one harvest this soft spot? I once told a guy, who offered to open the door for me: “Look, I get that you’re trying to be a gentleman by opening the door and all, but I really just want to know the jerk you’ll become in 3 months. I want to see what I’m getting myself into…I might actually like the jerk more, but this nice, chivalrous guy is freaking me out” He also never called back.

So here I sit, constantly fighting all of the natural laws of dating, yet still hoping to find the man of my dreams. I don’t necessarily have to be the dominate one in the relationship, in fact it’s quite possible that I may actually have a weakness or two (highly unlikely, J), but I need my freedom and I need someone to understand my stubbornness and roll with it.

Does this man exist?

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