Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Singleton: Exposed!

So, Singletons, I think it's official.  I believe that I have completely run out of things to write about.  As probably the only writer in the blogosphere who hopes that her blog can come to a "Happily Ever After" style ending (the sooner, the better), you'd think that I would be able to fill this (hopefully) brief jaunt through Singledom with all kinds of lovely rants and raves about dating or the lack thereof.  With the complete, self-imposed annihilation of all online dating prospects, the well of shenanigans has seemed to run dry. 

So I'm presenting you with this unique opportunity to suggest a topic.  If you've been reading this far, you obviously either get a huge kick out of my real-life sitcom or you enjoy what I write and what I have to say.  Maybe both.  (If so, we should be friends in the real world if we aren't already!)  What would you like to hear from me?  What haven't I addressed that you'd like to know my ever-wise opinion about?  No topic is off limits.  Or are you interested in more details about other previous posts?  Ask away, my friends, ask away.  Again, you know that I have no problems with you remaining anonymous in your submissions.  Comment below!


  1. Well, I've been super busy lately, but I'm still waiting on you to give me my next writing assignment. :P

  2. Oh, I'm such a bad friend/blog administrator! Sending you an email now!

  3. Whenever i don't know what to write i just post a video that i like or a really cool photo. LOL


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