Friday, October 15, 2010

Fortune's Fool

Last night, I was feeling a bit under the weather.  I had a horrible headache probably brought on by the flu shot I'd received earlier in the day (a Singleton girl on the hunt can never be too careful and judging from the looks of the latest crop of men to grace my path, I should be getting shots for things a lot more serious than influenza!).  So, I decided to take it easy and the best cure that I could find for what ailed me was a heaping helping of local Chinese take-out.  Always a good idea in the moment, never a good idea the next morning.  But I digress.

I've always been a fan of fortune cookies and have probably put too much stock in a lot of them that I've received over the years.  I'm pretty sure I've still got one in my wallet that says something about my finances turning around in the near future.  It was months before I realized that statement could imply good things or bad things for me, depending on the financial viewpoint of the person who wrote the fortune.  And for some reason, I thought keeping it in my wallet would insure that Papa Dollar and Mama Dollar would reproduce on their own.  So far, they're still barren.

But, last night I seriously think that the dating gods were trying to communicate with me.  As my roommate and I divied up the take-out bag, arranged mounds of rice and lomein on our plates and settled in, I realized that we'd forgotten to get our fortune cookies.  I ran back out to the kitchen and searched the bag, only finding one little package of Chinese dessert delight.  I was disappointed and immediately started contemplating how we could divide the cookie two ways, and who would get the fortune?!  Thinking that it probably meant way more to me than it meant to my roommate, I was sure I would be the clear winner, but luckily glanced back down in the bag before tossing it into the trash.  Another cookie!  Figuring that my discovery meant that this cookie in the bag was meant for me, but not wanting to tempt fate, I told my roommate to pick which one he wanted.  He grabbed the original one that had almost become the centerpiece of the Two People/One Cookie showdown.  Whew!

I opened the almost-thrown-away cookie and rolled open the tiny little piece of paper inside.  I looked down and read the following:

(Sorry about the quality.  Blackberry's are obviously phones first, cameras second.)
A wish?! Granted?!  Yes!  Of course, my roommate rolled his eyes at my delight, even ridiculing me when I thought I'd lost the fortune when the breeze from the open window blew it across the room.  It didn't take me long to mentally go straight to my recent dating plight and immediately assume that said wish was somehow tied to my desire to become a citizen of Coupledom.  Oh, thank you dating gods for this wonderful sign of a happier future!  A long delay is right!  I'm just about ready to call the nearest convent, so the timing couldn't be better!

Uhh...but wait.  I started considering the same angle I'd realized with the finance fortune.  What if the wish the fortune was referring to had absolutely nothing to do with finding my other half?  What if it was referring to something silly I wished for randomly in conversation with someone?  With a pretty significant birthday looming on the horizon, I'm sure I've "wished" for several things over the last few weeks.  Did I say "I wish someone would buy me a Kindle for my birthday?" or did I just say I wanted one?  And does wanting one still count as a wish?  Do things like "I wish I could find a better route home to avoid traffic" count?!?!  Oh NO! Have I completely messed with fate by wishing for random nothingness?!  OR!  Was fate smart enough to realize what my tip-top wish was (Personal wish, people.  Don't judge me because "world peace" isn't the thing which I wish for most.) and only consider that when forecasting my future?  Would fate be so cruel to literally consider my desire to avoid traffic over my wish to find Mr. Right?  Probably.  I've always said that my social life is God's favorite comedy routine.

For the rest of the night, I totally focused all of my wishing efforts on the prize:  Mr. Right.  I went to sleep knowing that the dating gods had patted me on the shoulder with this fortune cookie, grinned and said "Hang in there, sport."  We'll see, I guess!  If any "wishes" come true, you'll be the first to know, of course!

How about you, Singletons and Marrieds?  Ever had a fortune cookie come true?  Anybody ever visit a psychic and later realize that they were dead-accurate or completely off base?  Share your strange paranormal, soothsaying experiences!

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  1. ha ha that is funny the panda express gods will grant you a wish


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