Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ask the "Experts"

After reading eHarmony's contribution to the betterment of the dating world in their e-newsletter yesterday and encouragement from some of you, my favorite Singletons and Marrieds, I think it's time for the first ever Lost in Singledom Ask the "Experts."

First, let me clarify.  Simply by having a blog about dating and relationships and all the nonsense fun that comes along with them does not in any way, shape or form make me an expert.  But, several of you have complimented my ability to discern the garbage from reality.  So, I will, for the purposes of this post, consider myself an "expert."  Big difference.  The quotation marks imply that, although not formally schooled in the ways of male/female communication, I've had enough experience, maintain enough common sense and hold a reasonable skill in writing to express my viewpoints, wisdom and advice.  But, only from the female perspective.

To create a balance and harmony and all that other stuff that makes us feel good, I've recruited the assistance of one of my most prolific and thought-provoking readers/commenters, Nice Guy.  Knowing Nice Guy outside of the blogosphere, I can easily and honestly say that he is, in fact, a nice guy.  His commentary on posts has  been both highly anticipated and wildy received, generating several follow-up comments from the rest of you, my lovely readers.  I'm sure Nice Guy would not be offended if I said that he is also what I will refer to as an "expert."  He has graciously volunteered to provide us with that constantly sought after male perspective.

So, ask away Singletons and even you Marrieds that may have some ever-pressing question that you'd like anwered by "experts."  Nice Guy and I will each provide you with our take on your situation, question, or just anything you'd like us to express our opinions on, from our respective perspectives.  Feel free to remain anonymous and you can post your question here, post it to the Lost in Singledom Facebook page or send it in an email to  If you'd like to remain anonymous, please note that in your email, but provide us with a clever pen name or at least your city and state of residence.  No topic is off limits, but remember that my mother might read this someday, so let's keep it PG-13 or at least just subtle hints at anything above that.   Submit your questions anytime, then stay tuned for our "expert" analysis!


  1. Why do guys stop being so thoughtful after a while? Like, why do they stop regularly calling or texting just to see how your day is going?

  2. Do you call the guy after a while to see how his day is going? If most women have been dating a guy for a while & are having a bad day, you can bet they will call the guy to tell him every detail of their day. So why should he call her?

  3. Thanks for these great questions! Hopefully we'll be able to come up with some great conversation-starting responses in the next few days. Keep a look-out for the response post soon and keep the questions coming!


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