Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Where Metro Meets the Dating Pool

This morning, I was listening to the radio on my way to work, sorting through the dozens of channels that do nothing but talk, talk, talk, usually about topics that I'm not interested in as my frustration level mounts with the increased sea of brake lights in front of me.  I landed on one that tends to play more music than chatter, right at the end of one of their conversations.  The female-half of the morning duo was sharing how much impact where you live can have on your relationship status.  She continued to state that Atlanta, in all it's wondrous event-packed fabulousness, has ten women for every one man.  TEN!  Ten to one, people! 

Now, for the gentlemen who are reading, this is wondrous news!  You can basically create your own line-up of your top 10 women and make your choice, knowing all the while that the odds are in your favor and if you so choose to re-evaluate your decision, the other nine probably have not found another guy yet.  But, for us chickadees, this is disastrous.  This means that we have nine other women potentially going after the same guy we are!  Nine other women...these women better be so ugly that their dog is embarrassed to be seen with them.  They better have a personality like a wet dish rag.  They better be so boring that an evening spent watching paint dry excites them.  Or I'm in trouble!

So, of course, I had to do my usual scrutinizing of this factoid pretty much for the remainder of my commute.  Were they simply referring to the actual city of Atlanta?  Because if you consider yourself an Atlantan, you know that this could really mean you're from Marietta, or Lawrenceville, or Roswell, or (brace for it), even Canton!  Cherokee County takes great pride in stating that they are "considered" a county within Metropolitan Atlanta and shout their tag line from every suburban rooftop:  "Where Metro Meets the Mountains."  If you're from Cherokee County and drive to downtown Atlanta everyday, as I do, you quickly realize that claim is a bit of a stretch.  Maybe, just maybe, if they were referring to the actual city of Atlanta, the odds were a bit more in my favor in the outlining cities.  I'll probably never know for sure...but the doubt is comforting.  Also, if I wanted to get really picky in my scrutinizing, were these all single men and women?  Because, although some might not agree with this opinion, I'm not interested in sharing my future mate with his wife.  And what age do we consider them "men?"  This might be a debate for a whole different posting in the future...

I also read years ago that there are twelve men for every one woman in rural Alaska.  I'm just throwing that out there.  Here's a travel guide if you'd like to plan a vacation there with me.  Just saying.

P.S. Still nothing from Mr. Saturday.


  1. I have always wanted to go to looks so beautiful! I am going to go there someday. This is an interesting fact, though, about the 12 men to every one woman...the rape count is really high in Alaska. I believe it's the state with the most rapes. A professor in college told me the reason is because there are way more men than women.

  2. OH LORD! I hadn't thought of that angle! Uh, then, nevermind. I'll continue to try my luck in Atlanta! :)


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