Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rejected. Maybe. Probably.

So, it's official. I think. Five days after Date #1 with Mr. Saturday and not so much as a "thanks, but no thanks" response. I even took the advice of many of you and emailed him on Tuesday, long after the 48-hour usual window of follow-up communication. Nada.

My email on Tuesday was meant to just reopen the lines of communication. I told him that I had a good time and hoped he did too, leaving the door open for him to (be the man...did I say that out loud?) ask me if I'd like to go out again. Before we met on Saturday, I had been the one "driving the bus," initiating the conversation and single-handedly coordinated our meeting/date. I thought, eh, maybe he's shy, and surely he wouldn't be on board with meeting someone he had absolutely no interest in. So, when he accepted my invitation to meet, (Red Flag #1: he insisted without saying it outright that I be the one to drive the hour distance between our cities of residence) I thought, "Success!" Red Flag #2: But, he could not commit to a restaurant or his own hometown. I shared that I wasn't familiar with that area and basically had to just say "You tell me where to be." But, I was going with the whole "shy around new people" thing. Stuck with that. Alllllllll through the drive there.

At dinner, he was polite and courteous. His apparel left a little to be desired, but sometimes you have to let things like that slide. Even though I was in cute peep-toe heels that had been pinching my toes for the (yup, I'm going to mention it again) entire hour drive to the restaurant and he was in torn-up birkenstocks, I let it go. Red Flag #3: The difference in our appearances immediately proved that I was much more invested in this meeting that he was. As we got a bit more comfortable with the situation, we started chatting about life, love and the pursuit of happiness. Just kidding. He talked, while I interjected a few times, mostly about celebrities, reality television, primetime television, cable television, TMZ, and most energetically about Bret Michaels. Bret Michaels, the aging rock-star, who, to his credit, has made an amazing career comeback over the last year or so. But, it was insisted upon that I realize Mr. Saturday was a fan long before "Rock of Love." He almost fell out of his seat with excitement as he explained to me the chronology of Mr. Michaels' love affairs, who exactly was with him at the time of his recent medical misfortune and then looked at me as if I were the most uncultured person he'd ever met when I didn't know who he was talking about when referring to the other members of Poison by their first names. Uh, Red Flag #4: Anyone who shares upon first meeting that he recently spent an entire weekend watching whole series of shows on his DVR and can quote lines from any VH1 "reality" show, spends entirely too much time in front of the television. I watch a lot of television, but not that much.

So, at first, I was slightly disappointed when I hadn't heard from Mr. Saturday. The more I thought about the meeting/date and talked about it with people, the more I realized that maybe not hearing from him wasn't such a bad thing. Maybe I wanted it to be successful because it was my first such attempt and, let's be honest, I'm not used to failure. Although, the part that bugs me most is his own words on the online dating rejection process. In his profile, he says how much he values someone who is straightforward, that even if he's not interested in someone, he always writes them back if they email him, just as common courtesy. Big words, but meaningless when not put into action. He's logged onto Match several times in the last few days, so he's aware of my communication, just ignoring it. Unfortunately, doesn't let you close a match, except to block them from viewing you. That's one of the perks of eHarmony, (if you're comparison shopping online dating sites) you can have the satisfaction of officially closing the match and stating your reason why. Of course, they're all politically correct, but one of them is "This match never responded to my communication." In other words, "You're RUDE!"

Don't worry about me. I'll bounce back. I already have. You might want to sign up for Google alerts of new posts. This is going to get interesting really quickly...


  1. Sounds like Mr. Saturday was a real winner... better luck next time!


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