Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My First Blog Award!

Although completely off my usual topic (you can substitute "rants," "complaints," "begging/pleading for advice," etc.), I think my first blog award deserves a posting of its own!  New to the blogosphere (oh yeah, that's a real word), this must be a record.  Call Guinness.

The other day, I received the Versatile Blogger Award from NYC Island Gal, one of my favorite bloggesses.  In order to continue the tradition of prior recipients, I must write seven unique things about myself.  Hmm... 1).  I've named each of my cars and usually name my friends' cars as well.  2).  I'm deathly afraid of moths and clowns, in that order.  3).  I can't change the channel if Golden Girls is on.  4).  I pretend to know what all the abbreviations mean in people's facebook status updates. 5). I have recently become addicted to the Coffeechinos at Wendy's 6).  I can't resist homemade soaps, lotions and the like.  7).  I tend to get a little obsessed with tanning in the summertime.  Whew.  That wasn't easy, my friends!

So, to keep the chain of love going, I pass this award along to some of my other favorite bloggers:

 - Karen
 - Kendallina
 - Meagan
 - Ria

Check them out!  I can't wait to read their seven unique facts!


  1. Oh, no6 describes me as well!
    You deserve this award :D
    And thanks for nominating me!I'll do a post as soon as I can.
    Have a shiny day!

  2. Thanks for the award! Are tag backs allowed? I don't read a huge number of blogs that post on a regular basis...

  3. Sure! The award is yours to do with it what you will...at least that's all I know about it as a newbie!


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