Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Because I'm a Slacker" or "Guest Post #2"

So instead of using my lunch break today to write and fill you in on some super scandalous scenarios that took place within the last twenty-four hours, I spent that time chatting and catching up with some friends, which is a rarity in the middle of the lunch rush in downtown Atlanta. Because of this, I won't have time to devote my full attention to your lust for my words, so I'll introduce you to another wordsmith that I'm sure you'll enjoy. Stay tuned tomorrow for is sure to be some conversation-starter, comment-inspiring hoopla.

"Am I in the Twilight Zone?"
by Wonderful
Denver, Colorado

Hi, I’m Wonderful, a Singleton who hasn’t kissed a boy in 6 months.

As a fellow Singleton, we often daydream about the ideal guy. You know, the perfect gentleman. Well, ladies, I have to tell you that we might not always want what we think we want.

Case in point: This past weekend. Now I’ve been in my lets-just-focus-on-me phase all year, and so far I like it. Strangely enough, I’ve had to attend weddings, and hear about friend’s engagements, but I’ve honestly been happy for them and not the least bit jealous.

This weekend while my bffs were out of town visiting their significant others (ok, maybe I’m jealous because they left me behind) I got invited to attend a free concert at Red Rocks, which is a pretty awesome place in Colorado. I knew that the girl I was going with, Maria, had said her friend Teresa and her brothers were coming along.

Maria and I carpooled to Teresa’s apartment. We knocked on the door and were warmly greeted by three guys. Introductions were made, and then we all carpooled to the concert. I sat in the car with Teresa’s brothers Tall Guy and Ben. I say Tall Guy because he was really tall and I’ve forgotten his name. All I remember is that he’s turning 21 in two weeks.

Ben on the other hand, caught my attention. He’s getting his masters degree, was well-groomed, and was even Catholic. Of course I started imagining that he might be great dating material. The only problem I had with him was that his jeans were too tight, but I figured that would be a quick fix.

We’re stuck in traffic, sitting around in the car, when I finally figured out who was playing at the concert—the Colorado Symphony. I was pretty excited, because I know tickets to their shows can be really expensive.

It was after my comment about seeing the symphony that Ben and Tall Guy started talking in depth about classical music. Yes, you read that right—boys were talking about classic music. Not Top 40 songs, but like old dead guys who wrote famous songs.

This was when it hit me: I’ve got to be in the twilight zone. Like, who are these guys? Not only did they hold intelligent conversation, they also insisted on opening and closing the doors for Maria and I. Um, I can’t tell you the last time I’ve been out with a guy who has done that. I realize that not all the ladies out there want that—which I totally understand because I was like that in the past. I wanted to be miss modern woman who can do it all by herself. But honestly, it was so nice to be treated with such respect.

The other Twilight Zone moment I had was after the concert, when we all went to Old C’s aka Old Chicago for some late night snacks. During dinner, the conversation at the table actually revolved around church. At one point Tall Guy actually admitted he watches EWTN, a very Catholic-y tv station, and it was at that moment that I became really lost in the zone. I mean, I’ve never watched that channel on purpose unless I was feeling guilty about not going to Mass. But to have him actually admit he watched that station, and that he actually remembered what the priest said—well, that was an out of body experience.

Based off this weekend, I can say now that there are good guys out there. But I have to admit, I’m still confused. I’m not sure I want the good guy who watches the EWTN channel—that might be too much for me. Although, finding a guy who will actually go to church with me and open doors for me would be a good start.

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