Friday, October 22, 2010

Dating Fill In the Blank

After a long week of overexerting myself with this silly pastime called "work," I'm almost completely brain-dead.  Sentences are coming out of my mouth, and although they seem to make complete sense in my head, absolutely sound like gibberish to rest of the English-speaking world.  With work, my new exercise regimen, going out of town this weekend and trying to maintain a social life, it's a good thing I don't have a boyfriend right now.  He'd either have to be very patient and understanding or would have felt thoroughly bored and neglected this past week.  That might very well be the first time I've ever said "good thing I don't have a boyfriend."  Oh, no.  Wait.  There was that time at that bar...  Nevermind.  Goldschlager is not your friend.

So, totally admitting that the above paragraph is about 100 words whose sheer existence is to provide you with an excuse for why there has been a lack of quality posts the last few days, please also keep in mind my recent hiatus kick-off.  In short, the drama well has dried up.  Not that I'm complaining!  It's actually quite peaceful.  But, see...then I start thinking.  I'm like a junkie.  Once I get clean from the drama, I am high on the cleanliness for a few weeks and then start saying to myself, "Eh, the drama wasn't really all that bad, was it?  Maybe I just exaggerated a bit."  I start inching my way back until, like an overdose, I'm boggled down with ridiculousness.  I'm counting on you, Singletons and Marrieds, to help me stay on track for enjoying my last two months (from today!) of my twenties.

We've potentially got another guest post in the works, and I'm always open for guest post submissions from any of you who feel inspired by things I've written, life experiences or online or real world dating silliness.  Simply submit your guest posts to  Feel free to get creative with pen names (to protect the innocent, of course), and I'm happy to do the editing/proofing.  Just write!

I thought it would be fun during this dating down-time of mine to try to inspire you.  Let's play "Dating Fill In the Blank!"  I want you all to respond with the first thing that comes into your mind.  Don't hold back now!  It can't be anything worse than what I've shared with you all.  Now it's time for you to share back.  Are you ready?  Get set....  Comment!

"I went on a date once and the guy/girl was the worst/had the worst  _______."


  1. he had the worst case of wondering hands ever, he was all hands.

  2. I have to change your formula statement a little, but "I went on a date once and the guy was looking for someone who was just like his mother." Seriously, he wanted someone who was ready to get married and have babies, after which I'd have to drop my career to stay at home to raise our kids, just like his mother had done. That's a lot to process on blind date #1 for a girl with a brand new college degree! Scared the crap out of 22-year-old me!

  3. @Joanna, eww...not much worse than that. Like a bad, teenage date at the movie theatre or something.
    @Kassia, good grief. I think online dating is rampant with these "marry the first girl/guy who comes along" types. Mr. Braves Fan fell sort of along those lines, but I picked up pretty quickly that I wasn't going to be his victim of choice. Fortunately, for me. He seemed to have his whole married life plotted out and was just looking for the face on the bride at the end of the aisle.


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