Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fate or Random Vanity Plate?

On my ridiculous commute drive home tonight, I spotted something...odd.  Considering that I hate to exclude you from any of my life's oddities, I had to share.

While sitting at the light between  a local pizza joint and The Varsity (Atlanta reference...if you don't know, Google it and then add it to your itinerary on your next adventure in Georgia.  I suggest a slaw dog and a frosted orange... Yum.) waiting to hopefully get through it this time around, I glanced over at the Honda Accord in the lane next to me and saw this:

Okay, so the camera on my Blackberry sucks in the greatest of conditions.  Aimed in bright sunlight out of my windshield at a license plate twenty feet away and I'm amazed that you can even tell that this is a the rear end of a car.  In case you can't make out the vanity plate, it says:  "Mr. MLS."  Granted, he could be Mr. Multiple Listing Service or Mr. Major League Soccer or any other number of pretty common acronyms.  Why was this odd, you ask?  My initials just so happen to be MLS.

Maybe I should have followed him...


  1. But where is Mr. MLS from? Those don't look like Georgia plates...

  2. I have since forgotten, but I think it was Florida. We wouldn't have worked... that humidity does a number to my hair. :)


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